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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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The following process will be conducted on the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS). To learn more about IRIS, go to

Saskatchewan Directive PNG017 contains the measurement requirements for both Saskatchewan and Alberta (with differences highlighted throughout the document in a tabular format). This directive is not intended to be put into force in Saskatchewan until the spring of 2016. The ministry requests that you review the document in detail over the next few months and provide any comments or suggestions with respect to errors, deficiencies or lack of clarity within the document. Please direct comments by email to: The ministry intends to respond to comments through a Question and Answer document, which will be posted on this website. Subsequent versions of the directive based on comments received may be posted at various times over the next year prior to being put into force.

Directive PNG017 Rollout Memo - Please refer to the Directive PNG017 Rollout Memo for more details with respect to this initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions - Please refer to the FAQs about Directive PNG017 for frequently asked questions regarding Directive PNG017.

Exemption from Base Measurement Requirements - Any approved measurement exemptions granted by the ministry before April 1, 2016, will be rescinded. Operators are responsible for applying for new measurement exemptions if they cannot meet the base requirements outlined in Directive PNG017. The criteria set out in Section 5 of Directive PNG017, provides instructions on measurement exemptions (also known as site-specific deviations from base requirements). All applications for measurement exemptions will be done through IRIS. Operators requesting a measurement exemption must complete a Measurement Exemption Application form and attach it along with other supporting documentation and submit the information on IRIS under the Applications – Measurement Exemptions section. For more information as well as the Measurement Exemption Application please see

Compliance Reporting Tool for Directive PNG017 - The ministry expects industry to make continuous progress towards being 100% compliant by April 1, 2020, and will require operators to demonstrate their progress during this period. When requested by the ministry, operators are required to provide the ministry a document that demonstrates their level of compliance. The Compliance Reporting Tool for Directive PNG017 could be one way to provide an approximate compliance percentage for Directive PNG017. Please refer to the Compliance Reporting Tool for Directive PNG017. This document can also be used by operators to track their approximate compliance percentage for Directive PNG017 throughout the four-year implementation period. If there are any suggested changes to this document, please email

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