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Monday, May 30, 2016

What is a Regional Newcomer Gateway?

Regional Newcomer Gateways are welcome centres for newcomers arriving in Saskatchewan. Whether you are coming from outside Canada or from another Canadian province, Regional Newcomer Gateways are there to help you.

Make Regional Newcomer Gateways your first stop when you arrive in Saskatchewan. There you can get information and connect to your new community, whether it is a city, a small centre or a rural area.

Regional Newcomer Gateways will support you in making informed decisions and taking independent action with regard to your settlement and integration.

Q: How can Regional Newcomer Gateways help me?

Regional Newcomer Gateways are there to help you find the information, resources, services and people you need to make your move to Saskatchewan a success.

Regional Newcomer Gateways can also help you:

  • Get a language assessment. You will need to have your English language skills assessed to take most English language classes and to help you plan for career and employment in Saskatchewan.
  • Find out if you qualify to meet with a Settlement Advisor. Settlement Advisors can help you find solutions to specific settlement problems. Your appointment with the Settlement Advisor will be within seven days of requesting this service.
  • Connect you with the closest Labour Market Service Centres to help you prepare for work and look for a job in Saskatchewan.
  • Find community groups that share your ethno-cultural background, faith, language or interests.

Q: Can the Gateway help me immigrate to Canada or help me sponsor a family member?

No, Gateway staff cannot help you with immigration documents and processes. For questions related to immigration documents and processes, you will need to contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Q: Where are Regional Newcomer Gateways located?

There are 11 Gateways throughout the province. You will find their locations on the Interactive Map.  Even though they have different names, they all provide the same service.

Here is a list of the 11 Gateways and their locations:

Q: What if I do not live in one of the communities with Regional Newcomer Gateways?

If you are moving to a community that does not currently have a Regional Newcomer Gateway, you will find that the nearest Regional Newcomer Gateway is only a short drive away and will be happy to help you.  Regional Newcomer Gateways provide services to the smaller centres and towns located around them.

You can visit the Regional Newcomer Gateways in person (no appointment is needed) or contact them by phone or email.

Q: Can anyone access Regional Newcomer Gateway services?

Yes, Regional Newcomer Gateways welcome all immigrant newcomers, whether coming to Saskatchewan directly from abroad or from another province. It does not matter what your immigration status is. Canadian citizens are also welcome at the Gateways.

Q: What happens if I don’t speak English?  Can Regional Newcomer Gateways still help me?

Yes, if you do not speak English, Regional Newcomer Gateways will still be able to help you. Gateways use an “over-the-phone” interpretation service to speak with immigrants in their own language. You can find more information about using an interpreter in Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). You may want to ask a family member or friend who speaks some English to help you contact your Regional Newcomer Gateway.

Your employer, your local public library, or your local Labour Market Service Centre may also be able to help you contact the Regional Newcomer Gateway.

Q: Do I have to pay for Regional Newcomer Gateway services?

No.  Regional Newcomer Gateways will not charge you for their services.

Learn more about how Settlement Advisors can help you understand and use Saskatchewan services after you arrive.

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