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Monday, August 29, 2016
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There are currently three types of labour market agreements between Canada and Saskatchewan, which were created to provide flexible labour market programs and services to meet the needs of Saskatchewan people.

The LMA is intended to help ensure all Saskatchewan people benefit from our economic momentum by providing support to individuals who are often excluded from the labour force, such as immigrants, persons with disabilities, older workers and Aboriginal people entering or re-entering the labour force. Residents who are unemployed and workers who lack basic education or skills also have support to get the training they need to find and keep good jobs.

Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Agreement (LMA)

This agreement (signed February 22, 2008) provides Saskatchewan with approximately $90 million over the next six years (more than $15 million annually) to create new labour market programs and supports for those who do not currently qualify for assistance under the Employment Insurance Act.

Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA)

The LMDA is a federal-provincial agreement through which the federal government transfers funds that enable the province to deliver programs and services for clients eligible for benefits under the Employment Insurance Act.

Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities (LMAPD)

The LMAPD is a federal-provincial agreement which provides $10.85 million annually in federal funding for programs and services for persons with disabilities in Saskatchewan with the objectives of enhancing the employability and increasing the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

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